Monday, January 12, 2009

DeeTu has DIY's

Wanna know how to build your own superhero crew?

...sure you do. Avante!


In a super hero team, this is a given. The Leader will most likely be a scruffy clean boy who doesn’t really know what he’s doing, which is fine because he’s a good guy. Leader will be insecure of his position and indeed a fail. “But why me?” He will say. “Because your heart is pure!” says Grand Master. Incidentally Grand Master, who will either be bald or Asian (or both!), will die soon after, except it’s okay because he’ll appear in various back flashes and in the clouds whenever Leader looks to the skies in Africa. Anywho, Leader will conquer inner demons and appear just in the nick of time and saves the day. Snaps for Leader! Leader will also coincidentally be ruggedly handsome whose personality grows on Hot Chick. She will find him “cute”.

Examples Red Power Ranger from Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, Scott Summers

Hot Chick

Most probably/definitely the love interest of Leader. Her superpower will be a sort of defensive one until of course she realises her true potentials, but that’s not going to happen until the end of the season whereby she will also be captured by the resident Evil Guy/ Big Boss. Reasons for capturing Hot Chick are twice-fold, like an onion but less. One: Evil Guy knows about Hot Chick’s true potential and together they can probably rule the world or possess certain power crystals. Two: Hot Chick, being the love interest of Leader, will also be his one/ one of his weakness/es and hence acts as bait for a rather spectacular final showdown. Sometimes Hot Chick will join Evil Guy, but it will turn out to be a trap to make Evil Guy lower his guard. Teamwork rocks.

Examples Psylock against the Shadow King, Invisible Woman, Linka, Jean Grey

Hot chick being the one on the left that is

Ugly One

This is the producer’s way of showing people that the classic battle of good versus bad isn’t fought with pretty people and ugly people. Actually this was one of the reasons Bryan Singer introduced Nightcrawler in X-Men II. True story, I listened to the commentary in the special features. Ugly One will be mostly be a bit of a fat kid who goes out of control when he’s angry and somehow appear bigger and uglier and fatter. But a very loyal friend otherwise. He will also meet his match when fighting against the Bad Guys, except good Ugly One will be a touch more intelligent and agile because the good guy will always win. Unless this is some contempory shit where the good guy loses because hey- that's life.

Examples Thing, Blob, Beast, Henry Jeklyll/ Edward Hyde

Other Guy

The traits of Other Guy vary. Sometimes he’s a funny younger kiddling whom Leader finds too immature and only puts up with because Hot Chick says so. Other times he’s an older more experienced and hence disillusioned man who thinks Leader is too soft. Indeed one thing remains certain: he's not going to like Leader and hence thickening the plot of this very complex story. But like everything else, such disputes will be resolved by the end of the season and the two will learn to trust each other. Because o’hana means family and family means no one gets left behind.

Examples Wolverine, Human Torch

Enigma Chick (optional)

She will be the girl who isn’t always in the spotlight and may sometimes have a crush on Leader. She probably has a dark past or emotional walls that need to be smashed in order to truly become a member of the team. This will happen in due time. Most likely the end of the season tested and proven by aforementioned final showdown. Enigmatic Chick will get her heart broken but it’s okay because she’ll meet an equally enigmatic boy later on (may sometimes be Other Guy) and they can have enigmatic babies together. Enigmatic Boy will also have a Franco- Cajun accent, wield a retractable boa staff, love playing cards, have red on black eyes and come from the Bronx. Oh wait, that's J-Lo. Ps, his name will be Gambit. Jajajajajaja

Examples Rogue from X-Men: Evolutions,

Rogue may be touching another man, but at least she knows to steal boyfy's trench coat


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